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Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem™ – look again at your face!

NEW Course Structure for 2015

Face Reflexology Courses

10 days in-class tuition divided into 2 blocks of 4 days called Parts 1&2 and Parts 3&4 followed by 2 days of Part 5. There is usually an interval of some weeks between the three parts of the course to allow you to assimilate and practice your new facial reflexology skills before introducing more knowledge and protocols.

An interval of approx. 12 weeks will follow Part 5 during which you will complete a minimum of two case histories (each receiving a minimum of ten treatments) and submit your case write-ups and supporting documentation (you will be guided as to exactly what is required for submission). These will be marked by Nikke Ariff and Lone Sorensen. You will be awarded your diploma only upon successfully passing this stage of your assessment.

The price of the course is: £1,950 and this will cover your tuition for the 10 days, course notes, on-line support during your studies and your assessment fee. It also includes a 1-year Membership to Global Facial Network, which is an organisation run by Ms Lone Sorensen and will entitle you to discounts off selected products, selected post-graduate courses and access to direct on-line support with Ms Sorensen.

Your course fees are payable in advance of commencing your training (and can be paid in instalments) and must be received in full, at the latest, 6 weeks prior to the start date of Parts 1&2.

Payment instructions (by cheque or Bank Transfer) are on the Booking Form.

The course is covered for insurance and CPD by the Association of Reflexologists, EMBODY, FHT and BABTAC - providing you are an existing foot reflexologist. Those of you who are not a member of an association can contact the following insurance companies for details of practitioner insurance cover:


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