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Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem™ – look again at your face!

Our face is the one part of our body that is constantly on display. It reveals a Life story that in our modern times, we seek to enhance and improve if only to unconsciously prove that you’re in good shape – inside and out.

Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem™ is a complementary therapy that aims to optimise how you look and feel by addressing the factors that influence your general state of health and wellbeing.

Facial Reflexology SorensensistemHow does it work?
You’ll have heard of reflexology, the therapy that works through the feet. Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem™ works through your most visible feature. Your face is richly supplied with nerves and blood vessels. Its closeness to the brain may have evolved to ensure that sensory stimulus only had the shortest route to travel to the control centre of the body to address your health imbalances.

In a Sorensensistem™ treatment session the entire surface of the face (except the eyelids) is potentially stimulated, initiating a natural improvement in the blood and energetic circulation in the body, nerve function to the brain, lymphatic supply and muscle tone of the face. These all may aid in contributing to an enhanced feeling of whole-body well-being, increased relaxation – and a glowing complexion!

Where does it come from?
Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem™ was conceived over 30 years by Ms Lone Sorensen. Its roots go back many centuries, drawing from a myriad of traditions and practices from around the world. Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem™ combines the knowledge and use of Chinese energy meridians and acupuncture points, Vietnamese and South American tribal body maps,  with anatomical and physiological knowledge of the body with the potential to balance the individual on all levels by promoting relaxation, release of tension and an overall improvement of well-being.


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