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International Brain Conference 2014

Introduction to Neuro Reflexology Therapy

Japanese Cosmo Facelift

Japanese Cosmo Facelift - PART 2

Neuro Foot Reflex Therapy (Praxis Vertebralis)

Ocular Reflex Therapy

Tibetan Head & Neck Reflex Therapy

Weight Control with Facial & Foot Reflex Therapy

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Lone Sorensen
Lone Sorensen



International Brain Conference

26—28 September 2014



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  • Lone Sorensen, Denamek/Spain, Brodman method of Cortex stimulation
  • Prof. Dr BUI QUOC CHAU, Vietnam, Dien Chan, Face Diagnosis and Cybernetic therapy
  • Robert Przybys, Poland, Neuro Foot & Hand Reflex therapy methods for coma
  • Prof. Jan Wlodzimierz Talar, M.D., Ph.D., Poland, Neuro-physiotherapy methods in patients in coma
  • Peer Heissel, Denmark, Visual signs eyes/face related to the brain hemispheres
  • Peter Nykanen, Sweden, Neuro Muscular stretch therapy
  • Anni Jorgensen & Heather Smith, Denmark, Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapy
  • Joanna Szczypek, Poland, TCM foot Reflex therapy
  • Jaroslaw Sawa, Poland, Face Lymph Drainage
  • Parents of disabled children from Denmark, Oman and Poland. Brain Gym & Brain food


Friday 26 September 2014 - 11.00am — 5.00pm
Saturday 27 September 2014 - 9.30am — 5.00pm
Sunday 28 September 2014 - 9.30am — 5.00pm


€380.00 – BRAIN CONFERENCE, HOTEL* incl. breakfast & lunch (2 nights)
€230.00 – BRAIN CONFERENCE without Hotel
      * single room supplement (Hotel) €55.00

For more information and to book your place (before 1st May 2014) at the Conference, please visit www.lonesorensen.com

International Institut for Reflex therapy, Lone Sorensen, Amistat 17-19, 08005 Barcelona, Spanien (0034) 932655700
www.lonesorensen.com www.reflexologiafacial.es www.temprana.org sorensensistem@gmail.com


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