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International Brain Conference 2014

Introduction to Neuro Reflexology Therapy

Japanese Cosmo Facelift

Japanese Cosmo Facelift - PART 2

Neuro Foot Reflex Therapy (Praxis Vertebralis)

Ocular Reflex Therapy

Tibetan Head & Neck Reflex Therapy

Weight Control with Facial & Foot Reflex Therapy

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Tibetan Head & Neck Reflex Therapy

Course description

The Tibetan medical system is based upon a synthesis of the Indian (Ayurveda), Persian (Unani), Greek, indigenous Tibetan, and Chinese medical systems, and it continues to be practiced in Tibet, its neighbouring regions and fast gaining interest in parts of Europe and North America. It embraces the traditional belief that all illness ultimately results from the “three poisons” of the mind: ignorance, attachment and aversion.

By synthesizing knowledge from various medical systems, Tibetans created an approach to medical science drawn from thousands of years of accumulated empirical knowledge and intuition about the nature of health and illness, before Buddhism entered Tibet.

The Tibetan Neck & Scalp Reflex Therapy is a modern creation by Lone Sorensen, based on more than 30 years experience working with micro reflex maps and health philosophy from many cultures around the world.

The application of Tibetan Neck & Scalp Reflexology is very effective for muscles tensions of the whole body as well as for rheumatic diseases, accidents, dizziness, numbness, oedema, palpitations and many other symptoms.

Course Content

   •   The structure of the scalp
   •   Tibetan Medicinal philosophy
   •   The method of Tibetan Head and Neck Reflex Therapy
   •   Treatment plan for THNRT
   •   Practical work



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