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Introduction to Neuro Reflexology Therapy

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Introduction to Neuro Reflexology Therapy

Date: Saturday 5th April 2014
Time: 9.30am until 5.00pm or recorded 13 days after the event. (until 11.59pm on 18/04/14)
Location: Taunton Conference Centre, SCAT, Taunton or via any computer with a broadband connection.
Speaker: Nikke Ariff

Nikke Ariff

How can I watch this?
In person: Seminar £50.00 for members.
Live online: Webinar £30.00 for members.
Recorded: Webinar £30.00 for members. Busy on the day? Then watching this workshop when you want to is ideal. This event will be recorded and you will be able to watch the recording until 18/04/14 at 11.59pm GMT.

For more information read the AoR guide "What is a webinar?"

If you would like to book onto this seminar/webinar, please call 01823 351010 or alternatively AoR members can book a place online at www.aor.org.uk - login to the Members Area of the website.

Brief description of the seminar/webinar:
The seminar will open with an overview of the nervous system, including the structure of the brain and its reflex representations on the feet, hands and face as used in Neuro Reflex Therapy by Lone Sorensen.

The use of palpating skills in assessing the integrity of reflex maps, including supporting research - what are we really feeling when we palpate the skin?

There will be practical work too during the seminar using the Neuro reflex maps on the face, hands and feet. Come with an open mind and be prepared to be entertained!

What will the attendee gain from this seminar?
A greater appreciation of the holistic nature of the three reflexology somatotopes - and by this Nikke means, a reminder that the body is all linked and a move away from the 'polarisation' that there is only one reflexology and that it's applied to the feet.

This webinar can be watched live or as a recording any time up to 13 days (11.59pm on 18/04/2014) after the event on AoR TV.



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