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Weight Control with Facial & Foot Reflex Therapy
With Nikke Ariff

Weight gain • Weight Loss • Eating Disorders
New treatment method for weight loss with amazing results!
Control of your weight Detox treatment


Weight Problems

Being overweight or underweight - has many causes such as improper diet, lack of exercise, illness, psychological problems, hormonal problems, etc. Whatever the cause, the body's chemical functions are involved and essential functions are out of balance.

Serotonin, dopamine and noradrenalin are neurotransmitters, which have many functions in the body. If these substances which the body produces itself are imbalanced, it can lead to many problems such as over-or underweight.

Serotonin influences compulsive eating (bulimia), overeating, craving for carbohydrates and sugar (chocolate cake), Type 2 diabetes, problems with sleep patterns and nocturnal eating.
Serotonin is also involved in emotion: mood, depression, OCD, temperature regulation, sensation and disorderly conduct.

Noradrenaline has influence on nervous anorexia and is involved in the fight or flight response as well as stress, anger and aggression.

Dopamine affects the appetite, sensation of pleasure in eating and / or low blood sugar. Drugs such as cocaine and nicotine increases dopamine production. Dopamine is essential for the normal functioning of the central nervous system. A deficiency can also cause Parkinson's, muscle spasms, tremors and convulsions and involuntary movements.

There is a natural way to regulate the body's chemistry !

With Face Reflex Therapy / Cyber method it is possible to bring the body's chemistry in balance.
Cyber method regulates the body's physical and chemical balance and is a completely natural and safe method of treatment - without the use of toxic drugs. Cyber method is one of the techniques used with great results in the treatment of facial and neuro foot reflex therapy.

To choose the right points and zones, it is important that a person's health condition is analyzed by a professional therapist who has deep insight into combining the 564 nerve points and zones specifically tailored for an individual's problem.

The treatment

- A thin layer of Anti Cellulite Cream, White mud and Aroma Medicine, all INCAEarth products, is applied on the body.
- Then an individual treatment plan combining Facial and Neuro foot reflex therapy is designed.
-To get the best results, treatment is recommended 2-3 times a week, 60 min – for approx. 12 treatment sessions - depending on the client's situation.
-The client is instructed to self treat and get a self-help program to apply at home - a drawing of the face, indicating specific points chosen especially for each client’s needs.

Self-treat program is conducted 1-2 times daily (it takes no more than 10 min. to realize the program) or as often as the client has time.

This treatment also has a detoxing effect. The Cosmo & Body treatment has proven to be very effective. Not only is there weight loss during the treatments, but it has been proven that clients also lose weight between treatments.

The client do not have to follow a special diet, but eat relatively healthy in everyday life.

Comments from clients:

It's crazy that I have lost weight - just by pressing points on the face!

I am surprised at the weight loss lately, and my lower back feel better! (The treatment works on the entire
body. My pain relieved.)


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