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The British holistic therapist Nikke Ariff is the focal point for the teaching and practice of Facial Reflexology in Great Britain and Ireland, working closely with the Spanish-based originator of the therapy, Lone Sorensen.

Face Reflexology and Nikke AriffNikke runs her own London based centre, Mind Body Positive Limited, for a range of complementary therapies and is the primary trainer for British and Irish therapists wishing to learn the Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem™ discipline. Lone Sorensen also occasionally hosts training courses in the UK, in conjunction with Nikke.

Nikke Ariff is one of the UK's most prominent and widely experienced holistic therapists, and has practiced full time for more than ten years. She trained in the UK, Spain, Denmark, Switzerland and South Africa and has had numerous articles published about her work, research and Sorensensistem™ in the national press. She is the only authorised teacher of Sorensensistem™ for Great Britain and Ireland.

In addition to Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem™, Nikke practices the Bowen Technique, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, and is a Nutritionist . She has also trained in other disciplines developed by Lone Sorensen, including Praxis Vertebralis (Neuro-Foot reflexology), Japanese Cosmo Face Lift and Cosmo Facial. Nikke is also one of only two therapists in the UK trained in Temprana – a specialised form of reflexology for children and adults with special needs.

Lone Sorensen founded The Instituto de Reflexología Podal y Facial Internacional in Barcelona, Spain and developed Sorensensistem™ over the last 29 years. The institute is an international centre for the teaching of reflexology therapies, laser therapy and anatomy. Mind Body Positive is the focus of its work for Great Britain and Ireland.

LONE SORENSEN  teaches Reflexology in Denmark, Sweden, USA, Britain, Finland, Holland,  Japan, Mexico, Argentina and Spain. The Headquarters of her Institute is in Spain.


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